Monday, 13 May 2019

The Carpet Bomber - a class for the GLOG

Magic Carpets (capital M, capital C) are fickle creatures, but ultimately very good natured. The one thing that sets them apart from ordinary magic carpets is that they can fly.

Well, that and the fact that they are sentient creatures.

Few know that the ability that allows them to fly is their absolute refusal to accept the fact that gravity exists. They aren't really "flying", as they are propelling through the air while simultaneously thinking that Isaac Newton is a hack (quietly, because they can't speak).

Multi-class with the Cannoneer for the ultimate aerial combat experience, or with Spider-Man for unparalleled maneuverability.

Whether or not you take a silly multi-classing suggestion, I'd also recommend pairing this class with Lexi's grenade & firearm rules.

Starting Equipment: Magic Carpet, 1d6 grenades
Starting Skill: Carpet Riding

A: The Mystery of the Persian Carpet, Grenadier
B: Explosive Discovery, Tie Things Down
C: Rug of Smothering, +1 Discovery
D: I Can Show You the World, +2 Discoveries
You can carry one person (or a roughly similar weight in objects) on your magic carpet for each Carpet Bomber template you possess. This includes you.

The Mystery of the Persian Carpet: You get a Magic Carpet (capital M, capital C). Currently, it can't carry anything heavier than you are, but as you get stronger so does it. It has a fly speed equal to the average person's walking speed, and can "sprint" for twice that. The carpet is an intelligent magical construct, slightly cleverer than a dog. It can understand and will obey your commands if you give any to it.

Grenadier: You have the know-how to make grenades, with 5sp's materials. Each grenade inflicts 2d6 damage to all in a 10ft radius, a successful Dexterity check halves the damage for anyone not directly targeted by the grenade. If you miss, the grenade scatters 3d6ft in a random direction.

Explosive Discovery: You have learned how to make two new alternative grenade types, that you can produce during downtime with a grenade and an additional 15sp's worth of materials. Choose two from the following. You get two more for your fourth template:
  • Web Grenade: Does no damage. On a hit, the target and anyone else within 10ft is restrained by webs. Creatures that weren't targeted get to make a Dexterity check to avoid this. Webs can be broken in 1-3 rounds, depending on the strength of the victims. Particularly strong creatures might not be slowed at all by it.
  • Smoke Grenade: No damage, but creates thick smoke in a 20ft radius sphere around where it lands.
  • Silver Shard Bomb: As a normal grenade, but it counts as a silver/magic weapon, if you have creatures vulnerable to only silver/magic attacks.
  • Flashbang: Only does 1d6 damage, but any creature damaged by it makes a save (with disadvantage if they took 6 damage). On a failed save, they are blinded for an amount of rounds equal to the damage they took.
  • Shock Grenade: As a normal grenade, but it inflicts an additional 1d6 damage. All damage is considered electrical damage.
  • Warrior's Fireball: As a normal grenade, but it inflicts an additional 1d6 fire damage.
  • Oil Bomb: Does 1d6 bludgeoning damage, but after detonating covers everything in the 10ft blast radius with oil that can be ignited.
  • High-Explosive Grenade: As a normal grenade, but the damage dice are exploding.
  • Mirv Grenade: Does only 1d4+2 damage. Splits into a number of grenades equal to the amount rolled on the damage die, each one scattering 2d10ft in a random direction. Each of these grenades detonate the next turn for 1d6 damage.

Tie Things Down: A few lost items has taught you to properly secure your gear to your carpet. You will no longer have things fall off your carpet. This does not apply to people, only objects you have taken the time to secure to it. Your carpet also learns the joys of grappling. They can attempt to grapple a target in melee range as long as there aren't any people currently riding it.

Rug of Smothering: Your Magic Carpet has picked up some fighting experience by your side. It fights as a fighter with templates equal to your Carpet Bomber templates, its attacks inflict 1d4 points of damage and grapple. Any damage dealt to it while it is grappling is split evenly between the carpet and the person it is grappling.

I Can Show You the World: Your carpet gains the ability to piledrive targets that have been grappled by it into the ground and into walls. Each round it currently has a target grappled, it can bash the target into the nearest wall or floor for 1d6 damage.

A few thanks to:
- Oblidisideryptch, rtx & Walfalcon on the OSR Discord, for suggestions and proof-reading.
- "Wizard" from, for the brilliant idea of willfully-ignorant sentient carpets.