Thursday, 26 March 2020

The OSR Game Pitch

Had a chat with some folks on the OSR discord and someone was looking for a game. Their issue- it's quite difficult to communicate sometimes what a game is about. After all, straight B/X, GLOG, Electric Bastionland, Stars Without Number and Carcosa are all OSR, and someone going in expecting one and getting another will be surprised.

I had the idea to make a form that a GM can fill in just to get people to have an idea of what's to expect in their games. There are a few entries to fill:

  • There are a few yes/no options for some popular house rules and stuff.
  • There are a list of magic systems, the GM can tick all that apply.
  • There is a list of statements that the GM can number to point out how far in one direction their campaign is.
  • Beneath that is a small spot for GMs to put their Appendix N list (or perhaps an abridged version).
The idea of this is that GMs who want to start a game can just post this link somewhere in where they're advertising, and people can get a good idea of what they're getting into.

The link is here: LINK, make your own copy and fill it in.

If you have any suggestions for things to change, or add or any questions about it, let me know!